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Bill Martin, president of W.L. Martin Home Designs, has been designing home since 1983. His wide variety of experience in the home building industry, from engineering and estimating to his work as general contractor have strongly influenced his design style and principles.

In 1986 he founded W.L. Martin Home Designs, designing homes for contractors and homeowners in northern Florida. During that time he also acquired his building license and for several years built, as well as designed homes. As the demand for his plans increased, he returned to designing exclusively.

Martin recognizes the importance of striving for a balance between cost-effective construction methods and architectural creativity in home design. This is underlying philosophy of homes he has designed.

The development of any design says something about its creator, it mirrors the designer's creativity, thought process, and perhaps most notably, what is important to designer in way home should live.

At first glance, the homes of W.L. Martin reveal his commitment to pleasing, traditional approach to design that complements a variety of architectural styles. From rooflines to windows, each elevation is easy on the eye and attractively balanced with just the right number of elements.

Martin's designs often feature places to entertain outdoors. Front porches and rear porches reveal his commitment to blurring lines between interior and exterior living space. At minimum, these spaces provide quiet hideaway on hectic day. Cost efficiency their clearly part of Martin's design philosophy. Room sizes, as much as possible, are conducive to standard lumber lengths, which reduce job site waste. Many of expensive elements of architectural design are concentrated on front of home, will offer the greatest impact.

The goal in each Martin's homes is provide place that feels much larger there actual square footage. This translates to open areas two or three rooms feels like one large space. Wasted space, such as hallways, is limited to allow than home to feel, and live, much larger that actual size.